Grace and Peace to you friends. 

I hope that you are well despite these challenging times. Today I'm glad to be able to bring you positive news.  The Tanzania government is allowing schools to resume, and the Andrew Connally School of Preaching is all set to bring our students back at the beginning of July.  They will have time to finish their second quarter of study, and be right back on track for the fall!  Travel has opened back up, and I have tickets purchased for my next trip.  We pray that conditions remain stable and that there will not be any more significant disruptions to our schedule.    

The work of evangelism has marched on.  In the past couple of weeks, our brethren have shared news of at least 11 baptisms.  One of which was Anthony Francis.  Anthony was a student of World Video Bible School.  They contacted us to find a local evangelist to help teach Anthony further.  I reached out to David Bayi who continued working with Anthony, and recently baptized him into Christ.  The picture above shows this joyous event!  

Student Spotlight:  Shadrack Mkombwe.

Shadrack was born to Efrem and Franziska Mkombwe on August 25, 1987  in the village of Isimani in the Iringa region.  Together with his wife, Mariam, he has one child, Samuel.  He has been a member of the Lord's church since 2011 and came to ACSOP in search of a better understanding of God's word.  After he completes his studies, Shadrack hopes to go back to his home congregation to preach and teach.  

Shadrack wanted to tell you this:

"I would like to thank God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I also thank all the donors for the donation you are making for this School. We know for sure that without you I could not have an ability to afford the expenses of get this education. May the God of love bless you so much, and we still keep on praying for you."

Let me join with Shadrack in thanking you for your support and prayers.  Also, as your congregation begins to have assemblies again, let me know if you would like an in-person visit and presentation about the great work in Tanzania.  I am happy to make that happen!  

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Tanzania Missions
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