Safety & Security Update - October 2018


Earlier this year we had provided you with information regarding initial building security and initiated locking all the entrance doors and only being admitted to the building by an usher or greeter.  This has seemed to work and provides for more safe control of persons entering the building.

Since then a Safety/Security team was assigned to develop and submit building safety/security procedures.  Tim Kirl is the elder in charge of the team.  These procedures were also reviewed with our local law enforcement representative.  Following several drafts/reviews these have been recently approved by the elders.  For your review these procedures are posted on the foyer and back hallway bulletin boards.  Extra copies are available at the foyer visitor desk.

Some of the security changes that have been recently implemented and others that are planned are:

Currently Implemented:

  1. Completed installation of security monitoring cameras inside and outside the building and all are monitored in the upstairs media center.  They can also be monitored by the church staff during normal weekly work hours.  The cameras work 24/7 and any incidents are recorded thru motion detection.  Also, the cameras can be monitored remotely utilizing a smartphone app.
  2. All exterior lights remain on for night time lighting of the parking areas.  Dusk/dawn switches are in the process of being installed on these.


To be Installed and Implemented:

  1. Training on procedures for ushers/greeters.
  2. Perimeter signage to doors for visitors/deliveries.
  3. Addition of foyer and hallway lighting that remain on at all times.
  4. Addition of motion/timed sensors for bathroom lights.
  5. Define emergency response plans to include building emergency alert for auditorium/classrooms and evacuation plan. (some of these details are defined in the current approved procedures, but will require additional hardware installation)