Golden Eagle


Thoughts on nature and the Christian faith  -  12/10/18

“They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they

shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and

not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."  -  Isa. 40:31

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As I was watching a field that is frequently visited by deer, I noticed a distant object soaring along a hillside beyond where I was. I could tell it was a bird, but little else. As it came closer, I was struck by how large it was. Thinking it was probably a turkey vulture, I paid it little attention until its flight pattern convinced me this was no vulture. Finally I was able to identify it as it turned and the sunlight revealed something I was not expecting. It was a golden eagle. Although fairly common in the west, they are seldom seen in this part of Ohio. What a majestic bird! As I watched this eagle soar effortlessly, I found myself envying him. What a sense of freedom he must feel. What a view he must have. What strength he can muster since these birds can kill prey as large as small deer. I was witnessing beauty, grace, and power personified. As I thought of this encounter, I thought of my wife. Jo has suffered from pain for years, and this year has been especially bad. One of Jo's favorite scriptures is this one found in Isaiah. She longs for a day when she can soar without pain, when she can run without tiring. And she shall have such a day. Except it won't be limited to a day. It will last for eternity. And it will be hers, not because she has earned it, but because it has been secured for her by Another. The promise foretold in this scripture is for all who will trust in the work of Christ alone, and receive it by faith alone. It is for those who come with empty hands and contrite hearts. I long for the day when I can see my wife set free to soar, to fly to the One who has held her in His hands her entire life. And to think that I may also join her in that flight thrills me beyond words. Perhaps we will be permitted to fly along with golden eagles. And at the end of each day, perhaps we will be permitted to rest in His hands.  -  John