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July 2019 Topics subject to change without notice

JULY 7 – ONE NATION UNDER GOD In the pledge of allegiance we speak of the United States as “one nation under God.” We must ask whether we as a nation really are “under God.” How does God think of this nation or any other nation?

JULY 14 – THE ANSWER IS GOD Someone commits a violent crime in America every 26 seconds and a murder every 36 minutes. Why? Sin has crept in their lives. The problem of sin starts in the heart, and the answer is in the Lord.

JULY 21 – PEARL OF GREAT PRICE Being in Christ and his kingdom contains a value greater than all others. When one counts the blessings of being a child of God, one quickly sees that being right with God is worth every sacrifice.

JULY 28 – WHATEVER Our world has grown increasingly indifferent to God and His ways. Someone has called this the “whatever” generation that seems undisturbed about anything. We may ignore God, but no one can ignore God for long.