“Past / Present / Future”

Here is an example of great Kingdom work being done right now, and it's connections with the past... 

[this was published earlier this month]



At the end of World War II, President Roosevelt planned to visit with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta Conference half way around the world.  He commissioned a Second Lieutenant to come up with a means to enable him to communicate back to the White House.  That Second Lieutenant came up with the tool of short wave radio.  That young man was Brother Maurice Hall.  At the end of the war, he realized by taking President Roosevelt’s voice half way around the world, we could cover the globe with the gospel using short wave radio.  Thirty seven years later, Station KNLS went on the air in Anchor Point, Alaska, July 23, 1983.




I bring you greetings from Brother Maurice, now 98 years old.  I spoke this past Sunday at the La Habra, CA Church, a longtime church donor, and he was able to come and also have lunch with me.  His health is good and his mind is ok most of the time.  His family has several ladies who take care of him most of every day preparing him large meals three times a day.  He is able to talk and ask about all of you and broadly smiles when we discuss our work.  He is one of our founders and one of our important ties with the past.  He was also involved with the beginning of Michigan Christian College, spent time as a missionary to Vietnam and France, along with being a part of the beginning of World Christian Broadcasting.

  Be prayerful about and thankful for Brother Maurice Hall.  Please share this story and picture with your friends and church family. 


Andy Baker, President/CEO

World Christian Broadcasting