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Grace and Peace to you friends. 

I hope this report finds you doing well.  This message is a little picture-heavy so I hope it isn't too big for your inbox, but there was a lot that I wanted to show you.  Things have been very busy here over the past month!  One of my top agenda items on this trip was to visit some congregations that I haven't been able to see in person before.  This gives me the chance to see their circumstances and needs, offer some encouragement, and do some recruiting of new preacher training students. Such visits are important in understanding the scope of the work here and in maintaining relationships.  So far these travels have taken me to the southern border of Tanzania and back up into the other side of Kenya!  Let me tell you a little about it.


The church at Endamarariek has been meeting in a school room where one of our students from ACSOP travels back on weekends to minister to them.  The congregation is thriving and bursting at the seams.  We enjoyed the chance to teach and preach to them and rejoice that there were two baptisms during the visit. 

Thanks to our friends at Burns Flatt, the church at Endamarariek will soon have their own new building (pictured above) to continue worshipping and growing in!  

Chamwino Ikulu 

On our travels we were able to stop in and meet Elias Mayaji, the preacher at the Chamwino Ikulu church.  This congregation in Dodoma is located just across the street from the Tanzanian White House. 


Leaving paved roads several hours behind, we spent a day with the Lukando congregation in central Tanzania. They asked us to do a seminar for them, and rewarded us with warm hospitality including farm-fresh local cuisine. We enjoyed visiting the work of Boniface, a second year ACSOP student, and recruiting some more future preachers.


At the southern border of Tanzania, near Lake Nyasa, we met with the Kyela church.  This church is the home of a couple of our students, and it was great to see the brethren that produced them. Cy was last able to visit Kyela in 2015, so it was encouraging to see their continued faithfulness since that time. 


The northern extent of our travels took us back across the equator to Matunda, Kenya, which is home of the Makunga church.  There we preached to the congregation and met with several former ACSOP students who are evangelizing the area.  You can tell that these guys are working hard and the church is thriving.  


For the past week, we've been back home in the Arusha area.  Our friend, Brad Whinery, from Elk City, OK came and joined us for a mini Safari for Souls campaign for the scenic mountain congregation of Lerai.  The campaign was well attended as evangelists from the east side congregations, along with many of their members, came together to help reach the community.  We did bible studies each morning, seminars each afternoon, and children's classes as well.  By the end of the week, 7 precious souls had put on Christ in baptism!  

(Your new brothers and sisters in Christ!)

Let me tell you, your support of Tanzania Missions and the Andrew Connally School of Preaching is having an impact on the Lord's kingdom over a very large area!  Thank you for being a part of this through your prayers, encouragement, and financial support.  May God bless our efforts together. 

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Mission Coordinator
Tanzania Missions


Short Report 2/21

Posted: 21 Feb 2021 03:13 PM PST

Grace and Peace to you friends. 

I hope this note finds you well, and your faith thriving.  Today I want to share with you the following update from Ahimidiwe Kimaro, the local director of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching:

           "We thank our Lord for great things is doing in his Kingdom. Although the world is living in most discouraging time, everyone is worried. But we forget that God is the master planner for our later days, whether is this life or the life to come. We should realize that God is the controller of this life and life to come. ITimothy 4:8 For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come. This is the first quarter for the new students just enrolled this year. This year  we were able to enroll fourteen students. Most of these students are natives, except one from Kagiado Kenya. As most of you may know, we are suffering in East Africa from corona viruses just as most countries in the world. Corona has become a hindrance of recruitment of students. Most foreign students from Kenya, Uganda and Malawi that we were expecting couldn’t cross their borders due to high cost and restrictions that are in borders. But also you should consider Tanzania in your prayers due the high rate of new corona spreading rapidly.

"In the first year class we have the following instructors:
  • Losotwa Michael teaching Writing Skills.
  • Desidery Masawe teaching Old Testament 1 (Genesis)
  • Josephat Masawe teaching How we got the Bible
  • Ahimidiwe Kimaro teaching How to Interpret the Bible
  • and later brothers David Hall and Peter Kamatula will teach short courses.
"In the same way the second year is in class. All sixteen are back to school, regardless of corona restrictions. But I believe what the Philipians 4:13 says. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

"In other sad news, we lost one of our graduate brother Asher Mbasha. Mbasha was a man of faith that all christians can follow. Asher was preaching at Boma Ng’ombe, Kilimanjaro. Asher was baptized in 1998, but this man received a bible tract in 1988 from missionaries who were passing by. He kept it in his Bible for ten years.  One day he read it and started looking for the church.  May God comfort his family and the church at Boma Ng’ombe at this sad time.  Also the Andrew Connally School Of Preaching has lost a former worker and sister, Grace Jang’andu we are expecting to burry her on Monday God willing.

"Please in your daily prayers remember us and this work.  Thank you very much for reading and supporting this work."

Let me join with Ahimidiwe in seeking your prayers over the issues mentioned in his letter.  Also, I plan to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend (Feb 28), but I don't have an appointment for the Sunday evening service yet.  Are you connected with a congregation in that area that would be willing to hear more about the work in Tanzania?  Let me know; I'd love to come by!

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Mission Coordinator
Tanzania Missions




Grace and Peace to you friends. 

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones well.  Even though things are getting chilly in the US, below the equator it is summer time!  That means summer camps!  Here in the description from Charles Mwanga about the recent camps hosted at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching:

     "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverb 22:6). This is a direct command from the Lord, sometimes people tend to take it as an opinion but that is not what the Lord intended it to be. If we want a better family, society, Church and even nation, we ought to follow this command accordingly. That’s why here at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching we have the following:

     "FUTURE PREACHER TRAINING CAMP: This is the camp hosted and conducted by the staff of ACSOP for the purpose of helping young people to grow to the full ability of teaching and preaching the word of God. This camp has trained for years numberless youth who are now in schools, universities and even jobs out there but are helping their congregations on teaching and preaching. This past year we have had a privilege to host 55 campers who were taught how to become an effective preacher through the theme, “WHAT DOES THE CHURCH NEED?” They were instructed on how the Church needs: The Bible, Jesus, Godly youth, Sound Preachers, A vision for the future, and so many other topics which helped the youth to see the important of sticking only to the Bible and not fables or modernism. The youth did a very good work in this camp, please join us in praying for them as they continue with this fire which has been started in them.

      "TANZANIA CHRISTIAN CAMP: This is another way which ACSOP is helping the Church here to “train up a child.” This year we had 122 campers from around the Arusha area. This camp includes both boys and girls from the age of 13 years to 24 years. In this camp we taught them about the importance of the “SPIRITUAL HEALTH,” This included: Spiritual Healing, Proper Spiritual Diet, Exercise Yourself Spiritually and Keep a Healthy Mind. Youth were strengthened and grew through the teachings presented by experienced teachers. We thank God for both men and women from the brotherhood who were willing to come and help in training up these kids, May the Lord of grace bless you beyond measure.

    "From both of these camps we were able to baptize 15 souls!   These are youth who have seen the truth of God’s word and decided to obey it. This could have not been possible if it was not through your support, prayers and love towards the people of East Africa especially Tanzania. We thank you so much. Many will one day be in heaven just because you chose to support this wonderful work. May the Lord continue to bless you in this new year so that you can continue to support His work. THANK YOU SO MUCH. To Him be all the glory both now and forever."

     Would your congregation like to hear more about the work in Tanzania, and how they can be involved?  I would love to come visit!  

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Mission Coordinator
Tanzania Missions