Red Fox


Thoughts on nature and the Christian faith  -  6/24/19

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be

transformed by the renewal of your mind."

-  Rom. 12:2


I was told by my brother about some young red foxes he had encountered while driving along a road near one of our local rivers.   Sure enough, I was able to find their den on the river bank and photograph some of the young kits as they played. What could be cuter than this little one who was curiously exploring its new world? Foxes have a well-deserved reputation for craftiness and intelligence, but also for the ability to conform to whatever environment they might find themselves in. Red foxes are found throughout North America and can exist in the cold barren regions of the Arctic, in the dry deserts of the southwest, in cities, and in farm lands. Their diet is dictated by whatever they find available from fish, to rodents, to birds, to frogs, and to whatever we humans throw away in our garbage. This ability to adapt serves them well and is the reason for their very existence. For the Christian, however, conformity can be our downfall. The culture we live in embraces a world view that is counter to what Christians are called to embrace. It is so easy, so tempting, to just go along with the values that surround us. But Jesus calls us to live counter-cultural lives, to adhere to fixed norms, to respond with love instead of hate, and humility instead of pride. In other words, to live like Jesus who, by the way, was the most counter-cultural man to have ever walked this earth. If we do, it will be noticed. If we don't, no one will pay any attention. It takes strength born of conviction to not conform. But, unlike foxes, nonconformity will be the key to our survival.  -  John