Get Out Of The Boat!

THE  SUNDAY  SLANT …………………………. September 29, 2019


 Peter walked on the water. (Matthew 14:22-33)  Jesus invited him to do it. Jesus made it possible.  What a sight!

Peter first had to get out of the boat.  You can't walk on water sitting in the boat. The boat is comfortable. A safe environment. A comfort zone. Familiar territory. Peter was a fisherman. He knew boats. He knew the danger of the sea. The boat was the logical place to be and to stay.

Walking on water. Faith demands action. How would it feel to walk on water? You'll never know sitting in the boat. Jesus says, "Come." Peter went. He walked on water. Read the rest of the account.

 Peter stepped out in faith for something he wanted. Some are sitting comfortably in their boats. They don't need anything else. They like it where they are. But, they'll never know what might be or what might have been.

 Don't be a spiritual pigmy. Get out of your boat.                    - Tom Butterfield

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