WEI Update, Edition 2


World English Institute & Bible Correspondence School

"Proclaiming the Gospel throughout the World"


February 2021



News and Notes by
Tom Langley WEI President

The leadership of the WEI ministry has observed and openly acknowledged that our singular critical path for future growth rests on our ability to recruit and train new teachers and retain our current active teachers.   This recruitment and training of new teachers have been the number one objective of our efforts for many years now.   Student registrations are not a problem. 

We limit our student advertising every month because we do not have enough active teachers to claim all the students from every corner of the world who would register to study English and the Bible. 

Lee Allen, (WEI Director of Teacher Support and Development) and I have made teacher recruiting a priority in addition to our other WEI responsibilities.  We have seen good results over the last 4 years, but still, the two of us could not meet the demand for more teachers brought on by a seemingly endless supply of students.   

We decided it was time to hire a full-time Teacher Recruiter.  We are excited to announce in this 2nd edition of our WEI e-newsletter the addition of Darrell Wallace as our full-time WEI Director of Teacher Recruitment and Training.  

After discussing a few possible candidates for this position and praying about this, Lee and I both came to the conclusion that Darrell was the first man we would approach with an offer.  We spent a day interviewing Darrell in his home in Kentucky last month and were again extremely impressed with his passion, character, and enthusiasm for world evangelism. 

Darrell has been a dedicated WEI teacher for many years, and we are thrilled to have him join our staff at WEI.  I asked Darrell in the following column of this newsletter to share some of his background and thoughts about the WEI tool and world evangelism with our readers. 

We love and appreciate our entire network of supporters and prayer warriors.  Thank you! 

May the Lord bless you
and keep you;
May the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
May the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace. 
 Numbers 6
Tom Langley (WEI president)