Welcome to 36th Street!

We are located at 610 36th Street in Vienna, WV.

We assemble at the following times:

Sunday AM Bible Study 9:30 AM
Sunday AM Worship 10:30 AM
Sunday PM Worship 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM

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August 2018

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Excerpt from the statement shared by Mark Mason with the 36th Street congregation, July 29th, 2018:

The first time I stepped into the 36th St. church building was in 1989 with my new friend, Tracey Grove.  I was just 23, she was, well, none of your business.  We came here almost by accident, although I don’t believe in such accidents any more.  It was a Wednesday night – we were going to Bible class, we were late where we were headed, which started at 7, but somehow we knew that 36th St started Wed night at 7:30 at that time – so we came on in, almost on time!  We sat in the very back row. Class was just starting.  Tom Butterfield was teaching class – I didn’t really know Tom at all – but it was a great class. The class was so good, and we were so warmly greeted at the beginning and at the end, that we just kept coming back. And 36th St has been so much of our life for all these years since.

I believe God called me here, 25 years last month, to serve as one of your ministers. I believe He called me into this pulpit in 2006 when Tom retired from the work.  Yes, other people were involved.  Tom called me on the phone when we were living in Memphis on behalf of the elders to offer us this work with you, in 1993.

And so, it is with that outlook that I understand that God has called us as a family to a new work in another place at this time, and I announce that to you now as a church.  We will be embarking upon a new ministry in Lancaster, Ohio, this fall.  I do so confident that I am following the path the Lord has laid out before me.  I have not been asked to leave here, in fact, I have been asked to stay.  I don’t leave in a fight or an argument with anyone – in fact, our love for you brothers and sisters remains deep and wide. It is just a fact of spiritual life in Christ that sometimes, the Lord has other plans.

36th Street will now begin a very important transition in your life as a congregation, and you will have my greatest prayers, and absolutely any support I can offer. Please pray for our elders, please hold up their hands and help them, and support them – and as they ask for input and advice, please offer it with grace and with what is best for the Kingdom in mind. I have done my best to teach you these very principles, and live them out before you, for 25 years. Now is not the time to leave them behind. I still have several weeks to be with you, several sermons more to present to you, and I will do my best to make them the best I have ever preached. And we will never stop loving the people of the 36th Street church. Thank you for loving us.

- Mark Mason


We gave out 53 backpacks last week at the school store.  Thank you to everyone who donated supplies or money.  Also thanks to the volunteers who stepped up and helped with the preparation and distribution.




  • June 13 -  Intro to the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes (Mike Moss - 36th Street)
  • June 20 - The Poor In Spirit  - Matthew 5:2-3 (John Keith - Cambridge, OH)
  • June 27 - Those Who Mourn - Matthew 5:4 (Harry Ogletree - Marietta, OH)
  • July 4 - The Meek - Matthew 5:5  (Tom D. Butterfield - McConnelsville, OH)
  • July 11 - Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness - Matthew 5:6 (Jim Wright - Bridgeport, WV)
  • July 18 - The Merciful - Matthew 5:7 (Ron Laughery - Parkersburg, WV)
  • July 25 - The Pure In Heart - Matthew 5:8 (Ethan Kirl - 36th Street)
  • August 1 - The Peacemakers - Matthew 5:9 (Jared Shipley - 36th Street)
  • August 8 - Those Persecuted for Righteousness - Matthew 5:10 (Ted Blackwood - North Canton, OH)
  • August 15 - Those Insulted and Spoken Evil Against - Matthew 5:11-12 (Nathan Greene - Barlow-Vincent, OH)
  • August 22 - You Are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of The World - Matthew 5:13-16 (Stephen Walker - Kanawha City, WV)
  • August 29 - Jesus as a Teacher:  A Look Back on the Greatest Sermon - Matthew 7:28-29 (Sam Bartrug - McConnelsville, OH)


  • Wednesday, August 1 - Summer Series  (Jared Shipley)
  • Sunday, August 5 - Acts 4:1-37 (Bill Butterfield)
  • Wednesday, August 8 - Summer Series  (Ted Blackwood)
  • Sunday, August 12 - Acts 5:1-32 (Mike Moss)
  • Wednesday, August 15 - Summer Series  (Nathan Greene)
  • Sunday, August 19 - Acts 5:33-47 (Mike Moss)
  • Wednesday, August 22 - Summer Series  (Stephen Walker)
  • Sunday, August 26 - Acts 6:1-15 (Bill Butterfield)
  • Wednesday, August 29 - Summer Series  (Sam Bartrug)


Beginning in AUGUST, the following schedule for providing coffee/drinks/refreshments after Sunday PM service:

First Sunday - Special Worship in Song and Potluck Meal

Second Sunday - Share Group 2 provides refreshments

Third Sunday - Share Group 3 provides refreshments

Fourth Sunday - Share Group 1 provides refreshments

Please note each of these is open to all members of the congregation, not just the Share Group providing the refreshments for that night.  

Schedule will continue until further notice.

Friday, August 17, 2018

“But, “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.”(Daily Reading, ESV)